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Hello world!

The conception of an idea follows the same process whether the idea could save humanity, a country, a home or oneself. The same process whether it benefits children, youth, adults, families, or corporations. The same process if it is about soccer, cuisine, transportation or education.

In fact an idea, any idea, starts with the ignition of a spark of inspiration and desire that grows from an internal realm (of the head and the heart) to an external realm (the possibilities of real life). Before that happens, the idea is but a mere whisper of a thought. After it does, the idea starts to grow, take a more definitive shape, and it usually acquires a name – which is shared in soft secretive words among those that will slowly watch it blossom.

Many times ideas are something that grows with the person, without them ever knowing that there is an idea brewing in their minds. Until one day, when the idea shows itself as if it had been sneaking around the subconscious mind and it judged that it was time to be seen and acknowledged. This was the case with my idea.

My idea sparked many, many years ago. Perhaps it did in 2002 when I created the Professional Development Academy and dreamed of inspiring educators, administrators, and business leaders.

It could have been in 1998 when I saw my teaching staff work in the classrooms and I worked to support them and enrich their daily labor of love. Maybe it was in 1995 when, from the George Washington (Mount Vernon College then) and Georgetown universities, I used to dream of creating organizations that could make a difference.

Some might think that it was in 1992 when I was at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), starting my career as a psychologist after having finished my career in education. Although others might assume that it was even before that, when as a teacher I watched my 18 two year olds work in my classroom and envisioned a better place for them as learners, a better place for me as their educator, and a better school for all of us.

Regardless of when it did, my idea sparked into existence in my heart before it appeared in my head. Cynergy Group was finally born to the world as an official company (although the work had started many years before) on Friday, August 18, 2006 – exactly 10 years ago.

Shining brightly at its heart there will always be: passion, leadership, support, inspiration, responsibility, honesty, learning, hard work, teaching, creativity, collaboration and synergy.

I invite you to visit the website (forever evolving) and see for yourself:

I leave you with a wish for all of us: may our journey lead to greatness.